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LET US TAKE CARE OF YOUR APPEND, SKIP TRACE Right-party contact (RPC) information—such as phone numbers, addresses and employment—helps collectors reach the right person on the first attempt. When it comes to RPC data, there are two factors that put your company’s bottom line at risk: growing competition and government oversight.

The challenge is getting actionable information while adhering to strict guidelines that limit who you can contact, how you can reach them, how often you can contact them, what you can say and so on. In today’s environment, bad information equates to lost time and less profitable results.

It’s critical to not waste time or violate laws by dialing wrong phone numbers, mailing letters to old addresses, contacting wrong parties, or trying to collect from someone who’s in a protected class. One of the only viable solutions to debt collection that will still earn a worthwhile return on investment (ROI), is obtaining fresh consumer information.

When it comes to sources, more than 8 in 10 (86%) collectors say online databases greatly improve the accuracy of consumer information. Despite the benefits of using online databases, only 58% of respondents report they “always” use them. Approximately 40% “sometimes” use databases.

As the number of collectors who use online databases increases, the time it takes to locate the right party should in turn decrease. That means competition will be that much stronger. If you’re not consistently using online databases as part of your collections strategy, you could unnecessarily be wasting time and money, or putting your company at risk.

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